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While many photographers are drawn to the creative elements of the craft, my initial fascination was with gadgetry — lenses to lights—I love all the gear!

I'll always have an affinity for cool tech toys, however, my photography passion is fueled by all facets of 'people photography'. I especially enjoy talking to strangers to learn what we inevitably have in common.

> I run for fun (and medals and t-shirts): four marathons, several half marathons.  I'm learning that my age is inversely proportional to the distance my joints are willing to endure.

> The 4-wheeled love of my life is 'Liesl'  my 1960 VW Beetle

> There is a growing list of movies I've never seen: Star Wars, ET, Harry Potter, Frozen...

> Music by The Dave Matthews Band or Michael Jackson makes the world a better place

As a dedicated student of the craft, I am inspired by the incredible work of the following photographers and teachers (partial list).

Jay Maisel - jaymaisel.com

Jerry Ghionis - jerryghionis.com

JoeMacNally - portfolio.joemcnally.com

Roberto Valenzuela - robertovalenzuela.com

Gregory Heisler - gregoryheisler.com

Zack Arias -beam.zackarias.com

Gordon Parksgordonparksfoundation.org

Vivian Maiervivianmaier.com

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